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Common PCB Fabrication Terms

  • HASL – HASL Hot Air Solder Leveling
  • ENIG – Electro Nickel Immersion Gold IPC-4552
  • RO Cleaning – Reverse Osmosis Water Cleaning
  • DI Cleaning – Deionized Water Cleaning
  • Fiducials – Alignment aid used by automated assembly machines which are included on the Tabs or Rails of panel or on the PCB if no rails or tabs are used. These alignment aids are typicality 0.04″ in diameter and are not covered by solder mask or silk screen, however are typically plated in the same manner as the rest of the bare copper on the PCB.
  • Panel Tabs – They provide stability and make it easier to handle the arrays throughout the assembly process. Tooling holes and fiducial markings are typically added to the tooling rails which are removed after PCB assembly is completed.
  • Panel Rails – See Panel Tabs
  • Tooling Holes – Automation Aid for conveyors or PCB Panel holding which can make use of these holes.
  • MCPCB – Metal Core Printed Circuit Board; Typically AL Core Material, used for high power LED lighting applications.

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Common PCB Stack-Ups and Requirements

OSH Park Batch PCB Stack-Up Offering

OSH Park Batch PCB Stackup

Current 4 Layer Stackup as of May 1st, 2013 which requires 5 mil line width, 5 mil spacing, 10 mil via drill size and 4 mil via annular. 1 oz copper (1.4 mil) 6.7 mil prepreg 0.5 oz copper (0.7 mil) 47 mil core 0.5 oz copper (0.7 mil) 6.7 mil prepreg 1 oz copper (1.4 mil) Using high quality FR408 substrate having a dielectric constant of 3.66 at 1GHz. Old PCB Stack-Up used prior to April 15th, 2013. 1 oz copper (1.4 mil) 7.8 mil prepreg 0.5 oz copper (0.7mil) 39 mil core 0.5 oz copper (0.7 mil) 7.8 mil prepreg 1 oz copper (1.4 mil) Dielectric constant is 4.2 +/- 0.3