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Huard Technology Services

Electronic Design and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Layout Services Including Firmware Programming

Welcome to Huard Technology Services

Stamp_V2-service_190Huard Technological Services provides electronic design and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout services including firmware programming using the Altium Designer Suite, both current and past versions.

Our primary focus is scientific, industrial & harsh environment electronics which include embedded systems having analog and/or digital interfaces, power electronics, wide temperature ranges and high vibration requirements.  We often integrate WiFi, Mesh or Bluetooth into our designs to create feature-rich IOT enabled products for our clients.


  • AC/DC & DC/DC Switch Mode Power Supply Design
    • Buck, Boost, Isolated Flyback
    • SEPIC, CUK
    • SMPS Charging Circuits for modern battery types (i.e. LiPo)
  • Power Conversion and Motor Control
    • Stepper Motor, Rotary/Linear
    • Permanent magnet
    • Hybrid synchronous
    • Variable reluctance
    • BLDC (Brushless DC, PMSP & PMM) & Brushed Motors
  • Aggressive Miniaturization of Electronics
    • Harsh Environments & Down-Hole Tool Applications
    • Embedded Components & Embedded Passives
    • Battery Powered Circuits; Including :
      • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
      • Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
      • Lead Acid (Pb-Acid, AGM, FLA – Flooded Lead Acid, VRLA – Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
      • Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
      • Lithium Polymer (Li-poly, Li-Pol, LiPo)
      • Battery Powered Circuits

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