Huard Technological Services provides electronic design and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout services with firmware programming where applicable. Our primary focus is on Embedded Systems which have analog and/or digital interfaces and may incorporate power electronics or closed-loop control or digital signal processing. In addition, we have expertise in DC/DC switch mode power supply design, power conversion and motor control. Our power supply design capabilities encompass various topologies including but not limited to : buck, boost, isolated flyback and SEPIC for battery operated, non-battery and charging applications.  In addition, we support the entire line of Microchip(TM) micro-controllers, various Atmel micro-controllers and numerous ARM(TM) based micro-controllers from companies like ST Microelectronics(TM), NXP(TM) and TI(TM).   We support Altium Designer as well as other schematic capture and PCB layout applications which can change depending on the needs of our projects or our clients requirements.

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